The Aluminum Asylum

Our Grill Table
We had bought a folding aluminum table several years ago to hold our small tabletop LP gas grill. We bought the table from Wal-Mart and it cost right at $12. The little gas grill barely fit on it. We liked the table so much that we bought 2 more (one to set the TV on just outside the door of our pop-up camper and one to use as a table between the folding chairs). They worked great and we replaced the tabletop LP grill several times.

One year (2006) we replaced our grill only to discover that it no longer fit the folding table top. We could set the table to where the top was spaced out but we felt that made the now narrowed base too unsteady. The only solution was to have a bigger tabletop. The problem was finding a material that would hold up to being left outside and all the barbeque sauce and grease from the grill. We found a couple of poly cutting boards that we decided to try. They worked great and have held up very nicely for over 4 years. They cleanup well and do not stain. I even have used them as "paint tables".

The cutting boards were a Wal-Mart brand (Mainstays) that measure 15" X 20". We attached them to the table with 4 mending plates and screws that were just short enough to not quite go thru the front of the cutting board. Screwing thru the poly material was tricky. The screws will strip out easily. A tiny drill bit to predrill the hole and using a hand screwdriver worked well for us. This size cutting board has a large overhang on the sides but has a very small overhang front to back. We held the cutting board flush to the "center" part of the table halves.

We did not screw thru the metal slats of the table. We never know when we may decide we need the cutting boards removed from the table so that we can just use the table itself again. The table still folds up for transport but it is now pretty heavy.

The table top is now 20" X 30 1/2" which fits our current grill nicely with enough room that we can put a plate down next to the grill or the seasonings for the food while cooking.